MBS Family Farm X Nori

Plainfield, Iowa, USA

Regenerate the Earth

MBS Family Farms is a multi‐generation farming operation based in north central Iowa. Stan and Karmen Mehmen started farming together in 1976 and were joined by their son, Kyle and daughter‐in-law, Kerri in 2005. While our core operation is based in Iowa, we also have a strategic farming partnership in south central Minnesota. MBS Family Farms is committed to conservation, safety and on‐farm security practices. As good stewards of earth’s resources, MBS is committed to preserving and enhancing the soil, water and wildlife. We will continue our third party environmental certification audits on an annual basis and will continue to participate in government conservation stewardship programs. In addition, we are committed to worker safety and on‐farm security measures exceeding standards more exacting than audit requirements.  
Country: United States
Status: Operational
Type: Organic Soil Carbon