About the Doers Club

The Doers Club  brings together leading suppliers, buyers and enablers of high-durability and high-integrity carbon removals.  By all pulling together in the same direction and acting fast, we aim to unleash supply and demand, lower barriers to entry and put carbon removals onto an exponential growth curve.

We askwhat are the greatest needs and best ideas?” and where and how can we make them a reality?”

What we do

The Club is iterative and dynamic, harnessing a ‘just do it’ approach to scale removals very rapidly while road-testing effective ways of operating. Together, we identify, articulate and realise the tangible common actions needed to bring supply and demand to market – faster, at scale and with quality.

Our members

Doers Club members are  selling and buying high-durability carbon removals at scale, or are committed to bringing sizeable volumes of removals into the marketplace. They are all taking a risk and have skin in the game. Members’ projects are on track to sell around 70Mt of high durability carbon removals per year by 2030. 


We are starting with a focus on the emerging carbon market, so it can build firm and credible foundations and support massive growth in both supply and demand of high-durability carbon removals.

What we are working on in 2024

Tackling the demand gap - building the business case for buying carbon removals, starting now.

Bringing the collective voice of doers into the discussion on carbon market rules, regulations and policies.

Integrity alongside uncertainty. Building the infrastructure for scaling up high-quality carbon removals.