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What is Rethinking Removals?

Rethinking Removals is a collaborative programme that acts as an integrator, accelerator and initiator to ensure that high-quality carbon removals reach the scale required to have impact by 2030.

We provide tools and support to foster a more coherent and aligned ecosystem that can develop solutions to enable exponential growth and high quality.

We aim to:

  • Align, support and accelerate current carbon removal efforts around the world 
  • Identify synergies and collaborative opportunities, while reducing duplication
  • Identify the additional efforts that are needed and help catalyse their creation

The programme is led by Valence Solutions, in partnership with the UNFCCC Climate Change Champions, South Pole, Climate Action Platform – Africa and supported by many others.

We want to amplify the efforts of the amazing people working to make carbon removals a reality. Get in touch – we love to talk!

Our objectives:

Six specific and interrelated outcomes we want to achieve:

How we are funded

Rethinking Removals is a neutral platform, funded by philanthropy and supported by pro bono contributions from Valence Solutions, the UNFCCC Climate Champions, South Pole

and Climate Action Platform – Africa

We are currently working on funding for the 2022 programme. If you are interested in supporting us, please get in touch.

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