Wausa Farm X Nori

Township 29 N, Range 2 W, Knox County, Nebraska

Regenerate the Earth

Until 2011, the farm had been farmed in the traditional method of plowing, discing, harrowing, planting, cultivating, and then harvesting. In 2011, the Cunninghams gave up their farming activities and leased the land to Roger Blunck. Roger suggested to the Cunninghams that they consider “no-till” farming. The Cunninghams agreed. The farm has been farmed continuously since that year by Roger, and his son, Matt, utilizing “no-till.” Upon our purchase of the land, we leased the land to Roger and Matt, and they have continued the “no-till” practice on the farm. Since 2020, we have added cover crops to the land. We are considering incorporating a small grain crop into the traditional corn soybean rotation. The advantage of “no-till” is in the utilization of the decomposition of the previous year’s crop residue into the soil increasing the health of the soil. Healthy soil increases the activity of earthworms in the soil helping with moisture retention in the soil. Also, the residue, and the additional crop cover, help with soil erosion during periods of heavy rainfall. For so long as we own this farm, we will continue with the “no-till” farming operation to promote the health of the soil and to assist in the annual crop production.
Country: United States
Status: Operational
Type: Organic Soil Carbon