Photo: chalyon021

The Woodland Creation and Management Demonstrator

31 Sidwell St, Exeter EX4 6NN, UK
The NetZeroPlus project will gather evidence, address knowledge gaps and allow decision makers to explore the Greenhouse Gas Removal consequences of different tree-planting options and explore all the diverse aspects of forestry to identify “the right tree in the right place”. As well as Greenhouse Gas Removal, the project will deliver valuable insights on how tree-planting can deliver other benefits such as enhanced biodiversity, water quality, recreation and health, and pioneer an approach to decision making that takes into account all the effects of land use change.
Country: United Kingdom
Status: In development
Type: Plant Sequestration
Photo: chalyon021

Living Carbon

Georgia, USA

Enhancing Natural Systems

Living Carbon’s advanced biotechnology can help provide solutions to efficiently remove carbon from our atmosphere. Their biotech seedlings are unique in their ability to capture more carbon on less land and they utilize land that is already abandoned or degraded, like abandoned mineland or agricultural land. This means emissions will not go elsewhere, and land use change is limited.
Country: United States
Status: Operational
Type: Plant Sequestration