Pioneers in the Global South


Watch the Futures Lab event that got everyone at COP27 talking about carbon removals in Africa – Carbon Removals: Pioneers in the Global South.

One of this year’s Futures Labs created quite a buzz among COP27 attendees. Led by our own James Irungu Mwangi (Climate Action Platform Africa), Carbon Removals: Pioneers in the Global South examined the “critical role for the Global South in this effort”.

The session focused on some of the work already being done to utilise the plethora of carbon sink options in Africa and showcased the diverse, dynamic and vibrant carbon removals ecosystem emerging across the continent. New technologies and approaches are being leveraged to accelerate the transition to clean growth, build needed infrastructure and create jobs.

The range of excellent speakers were people with hands on experience of this activity. They explained what is being done and examined a central question: what will it take to scale up these efforts?

Our speakers at this event were:

James Mwangi,  Co-founder of Climate Action Platform – Africa 

Duncan Kariuki, Engineer at Octavia Carbon, Kenya

Marius Ziganira, Nakivale Refugee from Uganda

Rahma Kivugo, Project assistant at WWF, former lead, Mikoko Pamoja

Priya Yadav, Founder of Organic for Climate, India

Maria Reyes, Youth activist from Fridays for Future, Mexico

Dr. Sanjeev Khagram, CEO, Director-General and Dean, Thunderbird School of Global Management, Global Carbon Removal Partnership

Helen Mountford, CEO of ClimateWorks Foundation 

Nigel Topping, High-Level Climate Champion

Watch the full session via the Virtual Pavilion, under Nov.15 events (1hr 26m)

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